Saturday, June 6, 2009

Not So Guilty Pleasures

I was inspired to make a list after Daniel wrote about his guilty pleasures.  Only I don't feel guilty about mine.  Do you know how many dirty diapers I've changed in my life time?  I deserve every pleasure I can find!

Dr Pepper Model

I took this picture of myself enjoying my favorite beverage this morning.  I drink it everyday.  I know I shouldn't.  But I don't drink alcohol, smoke, or take drugs.  That is how I justify this addiction.


I love to sew.  It relaxes me.  I love shopping for fabric, cutting, sewing, and finishing a project.  I come by this love naturally from my mom.

potato_chips1I'm not a huge sweets person.  But give me a bag of potato chips with a Dr. Pepper and I'm a happy camper.  That is why I rarely have a bag of potato chips in my home!


I have always loved to read.  Lately I find myself reading a lot of junior reading material.  I think it's because they are easy reads, I can pick it up and read a few pages in the few spare minutes I have during the day.  Currently I am reading "The Girl Who Could Fly."


I like to read Dooce.  Doesn't everyone? Yes, I know about the Mormon thing.  She makes me laugh out loud!!  Blogs are also a pleasure of mine.  And a real time killer.  I seriously have to limit myself.


And finally, I have discovered my latest pleasure this week.  It is a new TV show called The Listener.  Actually my pleasure isn't so much the show, but the guy.  Hello, my new pleasure!


Jason said...

You are a heathen and a glutton!

Laura said...

Ah i love, love,Love Dr. Pepper!!!!!! but have limited myself to 2 a month i know it sucks!!!!
And Dooce is amazing!!!! I love,love her picture of powered doughnuts and smokes she kills me.
So since i am with you on most of these, Please don't consider them guilty pleasures. that's all i need on my plate, is more guilty pleasures, lets just be in them together!!!!

Heidi said...

Katrine did you know your squibs and crackers e-mail account is sending me back all of the e-mails I've been sending you? Are you getting any of them? I was hoping that you could re-send me the pictures that you took on Christmas (in jpeg) as well as the pictures you took when we came up for Henry's blessing (the one's we took at your house.) Anyway if you could do that that would be sweet.

By the way you look great with your Dr. Pepper...however your abdomen is freakishly thin-what's up with that?

Paul said...

You have very normal pleasures. You should feel no guilt whatsoever.

Kira said...

That was me, not Paul. Paul always gets ticked when I innocently post as him...especially when I write something as non-clever and non-cute as I just did.

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