Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Do a google search using the phrase "Unfortunately, ________________"  Fill your name in the blank and be sure to use the quotes.  (I cheated and used Katherine instead of Katrine because there are only 3 people in the US named Katrine, and 2 of them are German)

Unfortunately, Katrine was in a terrible plane accident which wrecked her plane and left her cousin dead.  (yes that is unfortunate!)

Unfortunately Katrine scratched up that pretty paint job pretty good when she lost control of the car, hit the wall and virtually disintegrated.  (I'm not sure I like this game!)

Unfortunately, Katrine has betrayed the confidence of the interest as an Elector pledged to Bush.  (oops, sorry Pres.  Could that be considered treason?)

Unfortunately, Katrine soon learned that Alistair could never love her and viewed her only as a possession.  (I feel so used!)

Unfortunately, Katrine was not feeling very well, but she put on a brave face and danced 'for the honour of the company'.  (I'm so brave)

Unfortunately, Katherine frequently comes across as being
arrogant and insensitive, especially in her dealings with the Spanish
ambassador and Henry VII.  (You too would be insensitive if you were used and felt ill!)


Jason said...

I love doing this kind of stuff!
And there are really only 3 Katrines in the whole USA? That is SPECIAL!

Kira said...

That is sad. I don't know if I want to hear the misfortuntes and demises of my fellow Kiras.

Kira said...

I lied...I couldn't help myself. Here is what I came up with:
Unfortunately Kira can not be used for breeding! (That is true)
Unfortunately , Kira fails to retrieve her lifepod because the Freedom is beheaded by the GAT-X252 Forbidden and GAT-X370 Raider (Quoi?)
But, unfortunately, Kira really couldn't depend on such a fantasy. (Sigh)
Unfortunately, Kira has been burned before, and she's not keen on jumping onto a corporate bandwagon. (Yes and Yes
Unfortunately, Kira's alien physiology meant that the fetus couldn't be transported back, so Kira had to carry the baby to term (This is why I shouldn't breed)
Unfortunately, Kira has had her mind wiped free of memories in order to save herself and the case from being tracked by mind readers. (Seriously, mind readers can totally inconvenience my day)
These were only from the first page...the saga only continues to illustrate that way too many Sci-Fi stories are using my name.

Katrine said...

I didn't realize Kira was such a sci-fi name! You should have a laser gun strapped to your side at all times.

Kira said...

I do. And I also wear a titanium bra and panties.

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