Monday, April 27, 2009

What Fish?

Madison: I want a fish.
Me:  No.
Madison:  Why?
Me:  Because my dad had 3 fish tanks and they were a pain.  You had to clean them.  If you didn't know, fish poop.  And then they die and other fish eat them.  It's gross.  And if you don't clean the tanks then they start to stink.  And then your Dad spends money on more fish when he should be buying you things like clothes so that you aren't the only person in junior high that owns one pair of pants.  I choose to buy you pants instead of fish.
Madison:  But I still want fish.
Me:  Wah-huh?  (blink, blink)

Repeat the above conversation about 20 times.

John:  Uncle Lee just said we could have the 55 gallon salt water fish tank.  I think we should get fish.
Me:  Wah-huh

In the process of setting up the fish tank we began to question John's decision to get fish.
Me:  Fish take a lot of work.
John:  You were the one that wanted to get fish!
Me:  Wah-huh?!!!  (blink, blink)

The fish move in this weekend.


Jason said...

Oh, no. Noooooooooooooooooo! Well, at least they won't leave poop at the bottom of stairs for nobody to clean up and everyone to step in.

Dan said...

It seems like a lot of conversations in your home goes something like this one. Am I right or wrong?

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