Monday, April 6, 2009

Stepford Wives

I pushed my grocery cart with visions of The Stepford Wives playing before me.  Many Godly women pushing their carts with a years worth of food supply in their carts.  They grinned widely as they hefted boxes of canned goods in their carts labeled, "Bottom of the Cart."  It is a week long event that only happens once a year.  It is the greatly anticipated "Case Lot Sale."

Never in my 13 years of living in Texas did we encounter a case lot sale.  After all, who would want to buy 48 cans of tuna in one shopping trip?  Mormon Mommies that's who. I watched these ladies with 3, 4, or 8 children trailing behind them and their plethora of nonperishables, and I couldn't help but chuckle.  This is SUCH a Utah thing.  Most of these women have never lived through a disaster.  I lived through 2 hurricanes.  I know the importance of food storage.  I stored water, packages of top ramen, and enough cereal to feed the rug rats when our local Kroger closed for 3 days during Hurricane Ike.  I've seen grocery store shelves completely empty except for spam.  We had a large collection of batteries and candles when the power went off for a couple of weeks.  I know how to prepare for a disaster.  But never once did I ever feel the need to buy 28 cans of Cream of Mushroom soup.

And then I looked at the prices for the case lot sale.  It was like an illness creeping over me as I counted up the discounts.  In a flash I became a Mormon Stepford Wife as I loaded my buggy with 8 bottles of apple juice and 16 cans of chilli.  I may not be afraid of not having enough food storage, but I am afraid of missing out on a good deal!  I'm definately in Utah.


Jason said...

At first I thought you were making fun, but then you actually joined them.
I would probably do the same thing.
So how big of a savings is a case of chili compared to buying cans indivdually?

Dan said...

It's a scam get out while you can! Don't you see what is happening?! Or is it too late? Come on, am I the only one that see this?

Kira said...

You love it, and you love that you love it. You love that you love it so much, you have no desire to change it or to stop it. I love that you love it.
Welcome back.
Welcome home.

Elizabeth Granger said...

Wow! So, if I converted I would actually have to store food in the pantry instead of art supplies? I guess that I wouldn't make the cut...that's ok because lots of Mormon Mommies like me so I'll just go to their house...

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