Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Career

There is only one career I wanted over the years.  I wanted to be a mother.  Simple, right?  What better job could you have than one where you stay home and love on babies all day?  After all, there is a lot of tickling, teaching, and laughing to be done.  There is nothing better than when a sweet little one looks up at you and says in a sweet little voice, "Mommy, I love you all the way to the moon and back."  Trust me, it doesn't get better than that!

But there is one thing they don't tell you in your mothering classes.  Oh, yeah, there are no classes or tests to pass before you pass that watermelon size baby through your nether regions.  But if there was a class they would have an entire semester titled, "Sometimes it sucks!"

It sucks when I spend the entire morning doing dishes and 1.2 minutes later it looks as if the kitchen counter has never been introduced to a sponge.

It sucks when my non talking 2 year old is flipping out because I can't find the correct Star Wars Clone Wars on the DVR.

It sucks when I spend hours making a menu, shopping, and preparing healthy dinners and not one child eats it.  And then certain family members blame me that my children are so skinny.

It sucks that I can't stop the temper tantrums from coming.

It sucks that it takes a lot of work to get my 10 year old to go any where or do anything.

It sucks that my 2 year old just learned to climb out of his crib.

It sucks that the above said 2 year old has 4 - 5 major poopy diapers every day.  The never ending body fluids suck.

It sucks when I just want them to go to bed. But the entire universe is not following my bedtime schedule.  Please, just. go. to. bed!

And then after much pleading and screaming (from me) there is peace as the little ones finally nod off to sleep.  I tip toe into their rooms to see if they really have gone to sleep.  Please, oh please.

Port Aransas 127
My daughter jumps and screams as I touch her back.  I laugh at her terror and she tells me, "That is not right!  What's wrong with you!"  I feel a wave of love for my baby girl that is now not such a little girl.

I make my way into the boy's cave and find the 2 year old in bed with his brother.  They have their arms draped across each other.  It is a true joy that only a mother experiences when her children love each other.

I am reminded why I chose my mothering career.  The love overwhelms me until I forget all the things that suck and realize how blessed I am. 

Now if I can only remember how blessed I am the next time Devin hands me dog poop.  Because that sucked.


Eden said...

So totally agree with this post! Thanks for sharing and thanks for not following through on locking your blog. I'd really miss reading it.

Dan said...

Is this what I have to look forward to? Thanks for your sucked!

Jason said...

Well put.
And guess what? It never stops sucking. Even when they're all grown up. They just don't hand you dog poop anymore. At least not literally.
But it never stops being rewarding, either.

Kira said...

You are doing an incredible job. You absolutely impress me. I think you are a fabulous mom, and delightful woman, which is best portrayed by your class, even in sucky situations.

Elizabeth Granger said...

Well put Katrine! I love the photo also! O.K., and this is a scary thought ...whatever we fail to teach them will most likely come back to bite us in the arse later...which reminds me that I need to stop enabling my kids and let them suffer through the NATURAL consequences...

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