Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Old

10 Signs That You're Getting Older:

1. My knees hurt
2. My body jiggles in places - ewww.
3. I had to explain to my children what a record was
4. My brother's 40
5. I have a hard time remembering my own age
6. My favorite music is on the Oldie's station
7. This morning I said I was old and my daughter agreed
8. That daughter is 14, almost 15
9. I listen to AM radio
10. I can't drink caffeine after 7:00 or it keeps me awake

Dang, now I'm depressed. If you want to be depressed, make your own 10 on Tuesday list.


Jason said...

Everything but #4 is making you old. Especially the ones about AM radio and the oldies stations.
I, however, am hip and young, going to a Britney Spears concert this week, thank you very much. You won't find her on AM radio or the oldies station.
I can't drink caffeine after 7 either. And my oldest is 20. My knees don't hurt, and the only thing that jiggles on me is my butt if I jump up and down.
I always know how old I am.
My daughters know what a record is, but my 5 year old has no clue.

Dan said...

Holy crap you are old! I mean come on, AM radio, the least you could do is listen to NPR and if you must listen to AM go with sports. But in all seriousness your not old until your a grandparent...uh, oh, that could be 2-3 years away! I take it back, you are old.

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