Tuesday, April 7, 2009

10 Least Liked Foods

Just so you know not to try to feed me the following when you invite me to dinner. 

1. cauliflower
2. maraschino cherries
3. curry flavored anything
4. fancy olives, I only like the cheap black ones you put on your fingers
5. bleu cheese
6. rabbit, I don't care if it tastes like chicken, Dad!
7. goats milk, my Dad ruined me
8. Bunny Enchiladas, this one was my mom's fault
9. sushi, I tried Ray I really tried
10. cake, yes I really don't care for cake

For more 10 on Tuesday check it here.


CatMyers said...

Oh yeah! I forgot about bleu cheese and goats milk! ewe gross! Great post. I don't care for curry flavored anything either.

Kira said...

Picky. Picky.
I love cauliflower, maraschino cherries, curry, bleu cheese, I have only had rabbit once (at a fancy, Italian restaurant in Boston) and they made it delicious (but I don't blame you, the bunnies I ate were not raised in my backyard), sushi, and cake (well, if it has the right frosting or no frosting).

Teena in Toronto said...

I can't imagine eating a bunny!
I played too :)

Jason said...

I like a lot of these things. Except the dad and mom related ones!
You forgot mashed potatoes.

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