Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Brake Or Not To Brake

It was a glorious day of 60 degree weather.  I have been itching to get my boy's on the great hike and bike paths they have in our new neighbor -hood.  The break in the cold weather provided us the perfect opportunity.  They peddled to the path while I pushed Devin in the stroller. 

As you turned the corner there was a steep hill.  Without fear my boy's began their descent.  If you have ever been in an accident you are familiar with the way that your mind begins to quickly process the information in the seconds between the realization that you are going to crash and the actual impact.  This is what it was like for me as I watched Cameron and Ethan pick up speed on their bikes. 

Here is the dialogue in my head.   "Why aren't they slowing down?  They lived in Texas where there wasn't a hill in sight.  They don't know how to use their brakes!  They are so going to die!"

I yelled at the racing bikers, "Use your brakes!  Use your brakes!"  I quickly realized that to them this meant to slam on their brakes and not gradually coast to a safe speed.  One boy ended up crashing at the bottom of the hill while another made friends with the fence.

After a lesson on coasting and several practice runs the boys love to ride their bikes on hills.


Laura said...

LOL!! I love it and Ray with have to get out there with them.

Karie said...

This exact thing happened to my youngest daughter when she was 12. She learned to use her brakes while biking up Provo Canyon. She was gaing a ton of speed and her Dad yelled use the brakes....she must of thought he said use the retaining wall....when she was finally stopped there was more of her skin on the retaining wall than on her.

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