Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good Things Utah: Windy City

I think I moved to the windiest place on the earth!  In Houston we only had wind when a hurricane was on it's way.  Maybe that's why I'm a bit anxious when I woke up to the wind hammering against my window.  I don't remember this wind from my childhood.  I do remember the tumbleweeds.  My boys love it when I hit a tumbleweed with my car.  They cheer as I plead, "please don't scratch my paint!" 

I've been trying to think of a corny line such as "my thoughts are tumbling in my head just as the tumbleweeds roll down the street."  But I've got nothing.  Consider your self spared, you're welcome.


kira said...

Its just where you live. I thought it was really windy up there too...and I thought we lived somewhere windier than normal.
But your house is beautiful, so I guess you have to compromise with the breeze.

Jason said...

Yes, tumbleweeds are a wonderful reason to live in Utah.

Jenalyn said...

This week has been way windier than most (that is a word, right? Windier? Windyer? Windy er? Yes, it is a word in Utah haha!) Now that you are close, we need to get together!

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