Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun Family Night: Colors

We had this fun family night a couple of weeks ago.  But it is only now that I am posting it.  Someday I will be caught up on everything.  Sigh....

We had a night of colors!  First of all everyone put on their favorite color of shirt for the night.  That is why Ethan is wearing his sweater vest over his sweatshirt.  His favorite color is blue but he didn't want to change his clothes!

 I laid paper over the table so we could color while we at our dinner.  We actually left the paper up for a few days and it became quite the work of art.

I tried to have a colorful dinner of chicken salad with yellow pineapple, green peas, and red jello.  We also had the classic red Kool-Aid (blech).  To finish it off we had cupcakes with the colorful sprinkles inside and outside the little cakes.

I also had wonderful plans to make a colorful craft that involved crayons, wax paper, and heat.  But we ended the night running to instant care with a little guy with an ear infection.  Little did I know that this would quickly turn into 3 little guys with ear infections, and strep throat, and a daughter with pneumonia.  Fun, huh?

Can't you tell he had a fever? 


Kira said...

I'm glad you post these ideas so I can have years of FHE planned out in advanced, just by looking back on your blog.

Jason said...

Colors! Very creative.
And this photo of Devin cracks me up. What a cutie.

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