Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flat As A Pancake

When we first moved to Texas we lived next to a 4 year old boy who had the strongest Southern accent I have ever heard, or have heard since.  With his curly hair and quick laugh he was the cutest little "thaang" you've ever seen!  His mother taught him the safety of not running into the road.  When you asked him why you shouldn't run into the street he would say in his Texas twang, "because the car would make you flat as a pancake!"

Yesterday I experienced part of my anatomy becoming flat as a pancake.  I had my first mammogram!  And my girls were flat as a pancake!  They're not big to begin with so imagine my panic as I saw the life squished out of them.  I was afraid they would never bounce back!

The doctor said my boobies look fabulous!  I only write this here because I don't hear that often.  There is nothing to be found. 

I took a video of my mammogram if you would like to watch.  Just kidding!  It's Ellen getting a boob job.  Funny stuff!

1 comment:

Jason said...

I'm so glad your pancakes looked good! Congratulations on your first mammogram.

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