Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We're Going To Spend A Lot Of Time Looking At Each Other

Saturday is the big change, and not the hormonal change of any teenager that I would know.  I would never talk about those kinds of things in a public forum like a blog.  It is the big move out of this big state.  Our things will be packed and on the way on Friday and we will fly out Saturday.  Wow, it's finally happening!

I called the moving company to see how long it would take for our things to arrive at our new home.  It takes us 2 days to drive to Utah, so I figured it would take 4 or 5 days for our belongings to show up.  "Ma'am, your things are scheduled to arrive on February 16th."  It took me a minute to absorb that little nugget of information.

Oh grand.  4 kids in an empty house for 9 days. 
No beds.
No refrigerator.
No washer and dryer.
No toys.
No mindless video games educational books.
No car.

It is going to be a long 9 days.


Jason said...

Are you serious? Where will you all sleep? On the floor? What will you do for food? Go out for every meal? It should be cold enough for you to keep milk and stuff outside, right?
The 16th?
Or maybe you could just move in with Ray and Laura.

Dan said...

Ha! I don't envy you at all. Just remember-this is what YOU always wanted.

Kira said...

I know I posted on this earlier...but here we go again.
We have a spare twin bed, not much, I know, but even if you just want the mattress we would be happy to deliver anything you need!
What a nightmare!

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