Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Big Reason I'm Glad I'm In Utah!

Behold the Mountains!

The View from my living room.

The view from Madison's room.

The view from my bedroom.

I am so thankful to be back in snow and mountains.  I feel to privileged to live in this beauty!  I love it!


Paul said...

yeah I know Utah is the bomb!

Kira said...

You love the snow the first two weeks...soon enough you will feel like the rest of us...then again, you have a garage, and garage parkers do not have a clue what the snow is really like.

Dan said...

You know what is also a beautiful view? The ocean! Oh, also the bayou. New Orleans is pretty neat too. How often did you see those sights while living in Texas?

Jason said...

The mountains are amazing, I have to admit. Real ones.
But, Daniel brings up a good point! The ocean is beautiful, too, and so are palm trees and a sunny, dry, clear, warm day in the middle of January!
But I'm glad you're happy. Your neighborhood looks fantastic.

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