Friday, January 2, 2009

Traveling With Baby

Devin and I flew to Utah in hopes of finding a house.  It was a long, hard trip for both baby and I.  We survived!  Thanks to a patient real estate agent and my husband. 

Flying is not fun with anyone under the age of 4.  Imagine me, Devin in the stroller, large tote draped over the handles, very large duffel bag with a car seat slung over my back, while pulling an even larger suitcase behind us.  We were a sight to behold indeed.

Devin did much better than I had hoped on the plane ride.  But even in the best situation a two year old is going to make some noise.  During one of his louder moments an distinguished older flight attendant with a stuffy bow tie leaned into my face and said in a condescending tone, "Does he have an inside voice?"  I just answered, "I'm trying," as I rummaged in my large tote for fruit snacks.  For once I wish I had the nerve to answer in the same condescending tone, "I don't know, why don't you ask the 2 year old if has an indoor voice?"

On one of our layovers I felt sorry for Devin to be strapped into a seat again.  So, against my better judgment I let him out of the stroller.  His legs were quicker than mine because he made it to the walking platform before I could catch him.  I jumped on and grabbed him and in doing so I had to decide if I should leave my belongings behind as the platform carried us down a very long corridor?  So, I reversed and walked as fast as I could carrying a screaming, flailing, toddler the wrong direction.  I'm sure I was a sight again as I ran against the faster than I had thought treadmill like belt.  I made it victorious to the right side!  And then I quickly strapped the pleased as punch toddler in the stroller.

I did come across strangers that brightened my day.  From the man who got out of his line at the airport so he could wheel my suitcase to my line.  To the nice gentleman who let us have the window seat because the flight attendant said I would have to sit on a different row than my baby because that was the seating assignment.  And finally to the cowboy who loaded and unloaded all of my stuff on the shuttle.  Thank you kind strangers!  You made a very stressful situation better for this traveling mama.

And thank you to John for doing everything he could to make my travels easier.  I love you!


Claire Chizma said...

I sure can relate to this! Even though my flights are shorter and I have simplified the amount of gear I take... this is not a fun thing still. Did you find a house?

Paul said...

You forgot to mention that the best part of your trip was seeing your loving siblings.

Kira said...

They told you to be on a different row than your 2 year old! Good night!

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