Thursday, January 29, 2009

Star Wars Overload

My boys have an addiction.  It is a sickness that only continues to grow.  They are obsessed with Star Wars.  The mass of toys that overflows my home, tumbles down the stairs, and causes great pain to tender feet, makes this mommy go a little wookie. We have enough Star Wars tours to reach Tatooine and back!  Please join me on a tour of the Dark Side, also known as action figures gone wrong.

This is the end table in my living room.  I do believe those clones are about to become monster food.


Every weekend we have a Star Wars marathon. We have the movies in both video and dvd.  It's a necessity.


Han Solo all alone on the dining room table.  He leads such a lonely
life because he's always been so misunderstood by Jedi's. I have this
sudden urge to freeze him in some ice and tell my boys that Jaba got to him.


In theory this is where all the action figures live.  But they're
rarely home.  Do you see Padme? I've circled her for you. If she were
to roll over you would notice that she was large with child.  This doll
was a gift to me when I was 2 days shy of giving birth.  I think I held
her for about 2.2 seconds before she was adopted by one of my little


Here's a head.


8 Light Sabers. I have 4 children so I guess that's 2 each.  Hey, I can do math!


Just 2 of the games.  We also have more for the DS.  We also have several Star Wars books.  Not only do they play Star Wars, but they read Star Wars!


A game controller.  In case the other games fail to work.

My boys come by this obsession naturally.  Their father is a Jedi and
they are his clones.  This is John's light saber.  He keeps it in his
closet in case we have a midnight battle with evil droids.

This is John's Jedi cloak he wears at night to set the mood.  hubba hubba


Devin took a bath with C3PO. Apparently, water tarnishes droids.  He
was gold but now he's silver.  Hard water also makes limbs fall off.


And the latest item to feed the sickness.  Clone Wars.  Every Day. 
Every single Day.  I hate cartoons that have bigger breasts than myself.


They certainly are cute fanatics!


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