Sunday, January 18, 2009

Six, Six, Six Meme

No one has tagged me for the six, six, six meme.  No one at all.  Not even my elder brother.  Nope, not even he sent on the six, six, six meme.  I feel so unloved.  I guess I'll just tag myself.  And then I'll just go eat worms.  Actually they're french fries, but still.

You are supposed to open your sixth folder, find the sixth photo and post it.  You are supposed to also tag six other people.  But I'm not tagging anyone due to the lack of love and worms.

My sixth photo is the one I took of Devin the first time he was on a swing.  He only had two teeth.  How cute is that little monster?!

Devin #10

It's hard to beat my sixth photo, I know, but you really should check out my brother's picture.  It's freaky crazy!

1 comment:

Jason said...

How come I already knew that this is what your sixth sixth picture would look like?
He's sweet.

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