Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason!

My brother turned 40 yesterday.  The big 40!  Man, oh man, that Grandpa's old!  I have been thinking about his upcoming birthday for over a year.  I had plans to surprise him for his birthday by simply showing up in California unexpectedly.  And then John unexpectedly got a job in Utah which has us moving in 7 days and counting so the surprise birthday "pop in" had to be canceled.

And so I needed to find the perfect gift for him.  I have been thinking and thinking.  I've asked around.  I've even gone shopping without finding the perfect item to let him know how much I love him.

In my haze of moving my family across country I did the unthinkable!  I thought tomorrow was the 29th of January.  And then I happened to look at the dates on my email and realized the big day was yesterday.  I MISSED MY BROTHER'S 40th BIRTHDAY!  What kind of sister am I?  A big birthday plan I started thinking of a year ago has now become a horrible flop.  I am sorry Jason!  I am sorry I didn't call.  I am sorry I couldn't surprise you on your birthday.  I am sorry I still haven't found the perfect gift.  And now I am resorting to an inadequate blog post.


In honor of Jason and his 40 years, here are 40 things I love about the man.
1. He is hilarious!
2. We click, we just get along.
3. I know he's always available to listen.
4. He has good taste in music.
5. He's patient.
6. The man is a fantastic cook!
7. You can trust him.
8. He's a wonderful father.
9. Jason is very accepting of others
10. He is honest.
11. He's a good dresser.  (Except for those wife beater tank tops)
12. We can talk for hours about nothing
13. He can quote lines from Pee Wee's big adventure.
14. Jason's a neat freak.
15. He's great at decorating.
16. Jason's a wonderful school teacher. I wish he could teach my kids.
17. He dances to Madonna songs on top of the desk to motivate his students.
18. He has perfectly white straight teeth.
19. He came to visit me when my baby's were born.
20. He's the only one of us siblings to plant a garden.
21. Reliable, he won't let you down!
22. Organized.
23. Social.
24. He understands that sometimes one just needs to be alone.
25. We both got sun poisoning on a beach once.
26. He doesn't like the cold weather, but he'll come visit me in Utah anyway.
27. He doesn't like Utah, but he'll come visit me anyway.
28. Jason took care of my little brother Paul.
29. The man has more girlfriends than I do!
30. I find it hilarious when he makes pretend food to eat to see if that's what he wants for dinner.
31. Jason likes dogs.
32. He tells funny stories.
33. Jason has a need to own clean, new, and reliable vehicles. As a result, I'm not sure how many cars he has owned.
34. He never forgets my birthday. (Again, I'm a loser)
35. He loves his Mom.
36. He has a lot of patience for my Dad.
37. He works hard on his relationships with his daughters and his son.
38. His daughters love him.
39. The man can throw a party!
40. I know he'll forgive me for missing his birthday!

I love you Jason.  I am so blessed to have you as my big brother!


Jason said...

This was surely not an "inadequate post". Thank you for this, I appreciate it very much. Actually, this was the perfect gift.

Kira said...

I love this posts. Jason is great, and only getting better, even after 40 years.

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