Monday, December 22, 2008

Thirty Something

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was an odd birthday because I haven't passed this day without John in 16 years.  I had some lovely phone calls but it just isn't the same without my man!

However, I did have some other men join me on my day!  Our next door neighbor, Justin, is a friend of Madison's.  He has also become a friend of mine which makes Madison nuts! Justin and his Dad brought me a cake.  It still makes me smile that he remembered my birthday.  The cake says Happy Birthday Ms. Katrine.  Down south they call everyone Miss and Mister.  It's very polite but it makes you feel old when it's on your cake! Here's a picture of short little me, Justin, and his Dad who just returned from huntin'!

003 I mentioned to my big brother that I wanted a copy of his favorite cook book No Man Knows My Pastries.  Actually I think I told him I wanted it for my birthday.  HA!  Jason wrote a very good review,  I'll just note my favorite secret (not sacred) recipes are Antelope Island Ice tea which is a mixture of sodas; A Marvelous Work With Wonder Bread; and Babysitter in a Baggie which is mixed cereal in a ziploc bag.  This book is so funny, but you might have to be familiar with the Mormon culture to appreciate the humor.

A little known fact about me is that I'm a wanna be computer geek.  I've had my eye on this book for months.  So, I finally gave myself the permission to spend the money and buy HTML with CSS & XTHML.  I've already worked a little ways into it and I'm glad I bought it!

I've also been curious about the Sookie Stackhouse Novels.  I asked the man at Barnes and Noble if he knew what book was first in the series.  As he looked on the computer he began to read the titles, Dead until dark, Living dead in Dallas, club dead, dead to the World, and Dead as a doornail.  As he's reading the titles I notice that the other cashier, another man, is looking at me like I'm crazy!  I told them I just wanted a little light reading!  They started to laugh and tease me about my choice of reading material.  As I left they said, "Have yourself a Merry Christmas!"  It was pretty funny!  But you know what, I'm really liking this book.  It is light reading and a quick read.  I'm sure I'll read the series.  eta: after reading last night I have to add a disclaimer that this book has some steamy bedroom scenes.  So, reader beware!

My friend McCall and her family brought me beautiful monogrammed stationary and Andes Cookies.  Yummy!  Unfortunately, I wasn't home at the time and I missed their birthday song.  I also missed Anna and her bag of goodies.  I have great friends! I'm a blessed birthday girl!

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Karie said...

happy B-Day you cute girl you!

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