Sunday, December 28, 2008

Many Happy Things!

After a very Merry Christmas at home we went to see Daniel and Heidi.  We spent part of the day wondering when Heidi would have her baby.  Ethan said he didn't want the baby to be born on his birthday which was the next day, but it would be okay if the baby came on December 27th.

The next day my little man turned 7 years old!  I can hardly believe it.  Ethan is every mother's dream child.  He is always happy, helpful, and ready to play.  Ethan loves a good joke and is quick to smile.  Shortly after Ethan's cake we got a phone call.  Heidi did have her baby on Ethan's birthday!  Ethan quickly decided it was okay to share his birthday with his new cousin.  He even offered to give him his name and we could change his name to Floyd.  That's very generous, but we're keeping Ethan!

We went to meet baby Henry at the hospital. Isn't he beautiful?! There is nothing as wonderful as loving on a newborn. I am so happy he is here and Heidi and Henry are healthy and happy. It is going to be very entertaining to see my brother as a Daddy. His life is to become much more loving, tender, and patient. I am proud of my brother for the husband and father that he is and will become. Jason wrote a beautiful tribute about this miracle baby here, but grab a kleenex first, you may need it to wipe the tears!

Port Aransas 123
We still had one more birthday to celebrate.  MY baby turned 2.  Oh my.  It was so crazy to think that 2 years ago to the day I was in the hospital bed with a baby like Heidi was.  How grateful I am for Devin!  Three birthdays in two days, life is good!

I'll close with more baby goodness!
The Birthday Boys





This picture is sweet because baby Henry was looking at his mommy!


Kira said...

Man, it was like birthday week!
Happy birthday to You, Ethan, Henry, and Devin.

Paul said...

Usually I think babies are kind of messed up looking, but I think Henry is a good looking baby.

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