Friday, December 12, 2008

Good-bye Husband

John's brother James flew in yesterday to help John on his trip.  I'm glad James agreed to help us and I'm especially glad I don't have to go!


This little guy DID want to go!  He'd much rather be with Dad than boring old mom.  She doesn't do exciting things like pulling ATV's on a trailor.  She only feeds children and changes diapers.  Boring!


And thus begins a new chapter in our lives.  I believe there are good things ahead for us!  I just hope this single mom thing doesn't last long!


Grandma J said...

That's nice that his brother is there to help. Is your baby boy going too?

paul said...

yeah, changing diapers is totally boring. Yawn.

jlo said...

He is so cute.

Jason said...

I hope it doesn't last very long, too! It will not be easy! Good luck. Sell that house!

Paul likes you better than me. He comments on your blog much more than mine.

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