Sunday, December 21, 2008


010originally published Dec 18, 2008

Aunt Kira and Uncle Paul sent us this advent calendar for Christmas.  Isn't it so cute!   I
love it.  My kids love it more because Kira and Paul stuffed it with
all kinds of goodies.


And yes, the naughty children already peeked to find out what's behind
door #25. To call them excited would be an understatement!
Our children have been extra spoiled because Daniel and Heidi also gave
them advent calendars. These are the paper ones that you open a new door
everyday for a chocolate. I would take pictures but they are in
sad shape. Rather than carefully tear into the perforated edges, they
rip those suckers open! It's a nightly ritual to get their chocolate.
Thank you for spoiling us Daniel, Heidi, Paul, and Kira!

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