Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight, And For The Love Of Edward Update Your Blog!

bella-and-edWow, I did not mean to be absent for so long!  Sheesh.

Madison and I saw Twilight together.
It totally rocked going to the midnight show with my daughter.
I liked the movie.
Not love.
Edward was great, despite the weird accent.
Bella could not crack a smile even when she was falling madly in love.
If you haven't read the book don't bother seeing the movie, it will mean nothing to you.
If you read the book, it's worth your time to see the movie.

The end.
I am so bad at reviews.

PS.  Big news a coming.  B I G..... and no I'm NOT pregnant.  Why does everyone ask me that?


Laura said...

I know i know i Know what it is!!!!! YEAH i am excited i really am

Grandma J said...

I never read the book, and the movie doens't interest me....but I'm dying to know what the BIG news is!!

Jason said...

That was very cool of you to go to the late movie with Madison. I think I would have refused to do that. I have not read Twilight, nor do I think I ever will, but the Jacob guy lives here in our part of the city and he even graduated from Amelia's high school. Does that make me kind of important?

And I know what the big news is, too! And I'm excited about it too. I think. No, I really am. I guess. No, no, I'm sure you'll love it and it will be better for us, too!

kira said...

I am with you. Liked, didn't love. My mom and sister both went to the midnight show too (I feel so old. I totally would have fallen asleep.) I was so disappointed when I saw Edward had chest hair... I thought he was supposed to look like he is chiseled out of stone.

paul said...

Kira really had a hard time with the chest hair thing.

Karie said...

I'm totally with you on your opinion of the movie. I think I know the news also.....why am I so excited about it???

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