Friday, November 14, 2008

Tonight I Pray

That I will feel better soon.
I pray for anyone else who is ill that they will also feel relief.
I pray for those mothers with sick children that they will know how to comfort their child.
I pray for the mother whose child won't get better that she will know comfort.
For the husband who is sinking under the weight of supporting a family.
For the family who will discover cancer that will rock their world this month.
For the child who struggles in school.
I pray for the lady I saw crying in her car.
I pray for Madison's friend singing back up at the Latin Grammy's tonight.
I'm thankful for those who know their baby is healthy.
I'm grateful for a comfortable home.
I'm grateful for healthy children.
I'm grateful for the welcome person at Wal-Mart who made Devin smile.
I'm thankful for my husband buying me a Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate because he thinks I'm worth the extra cost.


Grandma J said...

Tonight I'm saying the same exact prayer...seriously. Now what time will your husband be bringing me my Starbucks? :)

Claire Marie said...

you made me cry! how sweet.

McCall said...

Thank you :)

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