Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Snapshots

004Devin really liked his first pumpkin carving.  I wasn't surprised because the messier the better for this little one.  I'm afraid I wasn't very patient with his curiousity involving knives and melons.  I believe at one point I threw pumpkin pulp at the house out of frustration.  Yes, that was definately a bad mommy moment!

005Ethan and Cameron were very patient with their mom.  They decided they were going to finish their pumpkins by themselves.  So, after I helped clean out the pumpkins and put away all the sharp instruments, they finished!  We had those pumpkin carving kits and I was amazed how well they did with very little help!


Great job, huh?!


Cameron and Ethan were Knights.  Yes, I made the costumes.  Don't be too impressed because they were safety pinned on because I ran out of time!

0181 Devin was dressed as the Devil.  And this was the only picture I was able to get of him wearing the horns.  As you can see, he already found the candy!

And here's Madison and her little dog, Toto.028

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