Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big News! No, I'm Not Pregnant!

There was once a shy girl who grew up in Utah.

The shy girl met her Prince Charming.

They married and shortly after their princess Madison was born (she was a lot smaller back then).

John graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. The family that grew up in Utah packed up their things, the 2 1/2 year old princess, and drove to Texas where John had found employment. During the following 12 years they lived in one apartment, bought 2 homes, and had 3 princes.

Texas has been home for us.  We love the friends, the schools, and the area.  Everything has been good except for the gosh darn humidity.  Oh, and all the large bugs.  The girl missed her mountains, her family, and seasons.  But after 12 years of living in the lone star state it was known that Texas was their home.  They were very surprised when a job is sending them back.  Back to Utah and their mountains.

Princess Madison is a Texan through and through. She loves her friends, the weather, and all the Texas Stars. So imagine her dismay when her parents announced that we're returning to the land of her birth. She doubts that she will ever forgive her parents for this cruel twist of fate. But her parents know she's strong and will thrive in her new world.

John begins the first step on this new journey in the next few weeks.  We will be apart as we try to sell our new house in Texas.  It is so bitter sweet to leave our friends and especially my brother Daniel, his Heidi, John's aunt and uncle, and our home of 12 plus years.


Kira said...

I can imagine how great and sad and wonderful and difficult this whole thing is. I am so so triple excited that you will be closer. I want to know your real life kids and not just the virtual edition I catch on your blog. I could keep yacking about how thrilled I am, but I'm sure I'll start sounding stalker-ish, so I'll quit now.

Poor Maddie. No one can blame her for feeling sad or even angry about all of this, but if she is anything like me (which by the looks of her dainty size...she isn't anything like me) it is nothing some mint brownies can't solve. :D

jlo said...

I had to move to Texas after 6th grade graduation, only to move back to CA two years later. And I survived. It was tough, but a great learning experience. Plus, everyobody loves the "new girl!!"

Claire Marie said...

Where in Utah? Where I ask?

Grandma J said...

I was uprooted after my junior year in high school. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. But the beach called, and after graduation most of my friends migrated to Orange County too.....leaving the San Gabriel Valley lonely and desolate.

Any time Madison wants to come back to Texas to visit she can come see

Jason said...

Bittersweet indeed. Good luck throughout this whole endeavor and transition. This is a bid deal!

Melissa said...

I am so excited for you! I know I am being selfish, but it will be fun to have you close by. I know this will be tough on Maddison to move, but she will fit right in and it will be no big deal in 6 months. Let me know how I can help Katrine. I am still in shock that you are actually moving! I keep thinking that our phone conversation was a dream.

Katrine said...


Mimi said...

Katrine - you're moving! I had no idea - I kind of took it for granted that you would be here forever. I am excited for you but know right now this whole house selling thing can take a while. Good luck with everything and amid all this transition chaos - I hope you can enjoy the holidays. And Madi will be fine - at least she doesn't have to move her senior year.

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