Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Star Wars Birthday Party

We were finally able to have Cameron's birthday party.  It was postponed due to our buddy Ike.  And true to form Cameron wanted to have a Star Wars party.  And eventually it merged into a sleep-over.  What?!  Did I really agree to that?

The party guests had to enter through space to get to the party.  We blacked out the entryway, added glow in the dark stars with a black light, and music. 


I created a Death Star pinata.  Squint really hard, turn your head to the side and it does look like the Death Star.  Really.




We had Lightsaber cupcakes.  I thought the lightsabers looked like matches.  But at least they didn't look like the cupcakes that should be forgotten!


We had also set up the TV outside so that all the boys could watch Star Wars on the trampoline under the Stars.  The trampoline was supposed to be Nabu or some other Star Wars planet and the stars was to be space.  But Ike brought in mosquitoes the size of my fist so the movie was out.

Over all, it was fun.  And the goal of making Cameron feel important was accomplished. 

May the force be with you!


Claire Chizma said...

Katrine! You are such a good mom. I love seeing pictures of your kids and your home. Happy Birthday to Cameron...LATE.

Grandma J said...

How adorable! Happy belated Birthday Cameron

jami said...

Nice pinata! I love how creative you are!

Bonnie Mills said...

Wow Katrine, that's awesome! When do kids start expecting awesome birthday parties anyway? You've got some lucky kids!

Laura said...

I love how creative you are, I swear you never miss a single detail. And Cameron loved all of it you can tell. You are such a cute mom. Will you come throw a birthday party for Ray and I?

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