Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Cake Baking Day!

Today is my man's 38th birthday.  Yes, that's right, he's almost the big 40!

In honor of the day of his birth I am baking a cake.  Not just any cake, but the most difficult cake I have ever made.  I am using the recipes out of a book titled, Cake Love.  Normally, I wouldn't try such a difficult endeavor, but the book is so beautiful.  The recipes are so accurate.  The author, my buddy Warren, measures ingredient with a scale.  Yeah, that's accurate.  So, I've dusted off my bathroom scale and I'm ready to bake!  (just kidding.  I don't dust)  I also feel as if I can create this masterpiece because Warren's gorgeous face smiles at me from the pages, "You can do this, sweetie.  I'm here to help you."  Yeah, baby, I'm going to bake my cake and eat it too.

Oh, and between all my mixing, baking, and spilling I will be babysitting for a friend, doing a billion loads of laundry, finishing up my man's birthday gift, entertaining John's aunt and uncle, doing my before and after school care, fixing my computer, and taking care of the world's busiest toddler in the world.  Yeah, I'm good.

And the cake I will be attempting baking is Chocolate Butter Cake with Chocolate Pastry Cream, Chocolate Buttercream, and Ganache.  The real kicker is that I've spent more money on the ingredients than I would have if I bought a Kroger cake.  And they will put a Chewbacca on their cake!  This cake is going to kick Chewbacca's butt!

1 comment:

Grandma J said...

That cake sounds so fattening...and good!
We want pictures please!
Happy Birthday to your husband.

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