Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Family Fun Night

I decided our theme for tonight would be Origami!  I borrowed a few books on the art of paper folding, gathered construction paper and we were ready to go. Easy Peasy!

We had to dress for the occasion.

Let the paper folding begin.  I found it humorous that John and I are the only ones wearing our head gear.

Our finished creations.  Among the paper are birds, turtles, a bat and a couple of dinosaurs. Really. I promise.

I've decided to make Madison our official photographer.  I am always to busy helping everyone so I don't get very many pictures.  Madison grabbed the camera and clicked away.  Unfortunately she forgot the flash so a lot of pictures were blury.  But I like these she took of Devin



Now go fold something!


Jason said...

Fun! I like your family home evenings wayyyyyyyy better that the ones we grew up with.

Mimi said...

You're back! Or perhaps, I should say, "Arrrrrrg, ye have returned"

jami said...

Are you sure FHE is really allowed to be that fun?

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