Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Almost done with Madison's homecoming dress.

Benchmark testing for Cameron and Ethan today.

Cleaning needs to be done, of course.

Devin has a sweet side and a not so sweet side.  We call the not so sweet side Devil instead of Devin.  He is making his mama work!

Ethan is so stressed out about the benchmark testing!  He has been crying because he heard that if he doesn't pass they will send him back to preschool!  He shouldn't be worried because he is probably the smartest one in his class.

Friday can't come soon enough.

Gratitude is never shown enough.

Homesick.  I always get so homesick for Utah this time of year.

I crave chocolate today.

John works hard for us, I only wish his work appreciated him as much as I do.

Kicking, Devin won't stop kicking everything.  Me, the dog, innocent neighbor children.

Library, I need to go today.

Marianne, John's sister, will be coming for a visit this weekend!

Noah, my nephew will also be here!

October is speeding by quickly.

Paul, I keep laughing at his unfortunate bee sting.

Quack, I'm trying to teach Devin to quack like a duck.  Instead he roars like a lion.

Rained this morning

Shoes for homecoming for Madison.  I have no idea when we'll have the time to go shopping.

Tired, as usual

Uhhhhh, I can't think of anything for U.

Vote, another debate tonight.  I really didn't like the town hall format last time.

W, people in Texas say it wrong.  It ends in a "U" sound, not a "yuh" sound.  Get it right!

X no x, but there is some twit on the Today show who is going to walk across a tight rope across two buildings without a net.

You look really nice today!  Did you do something new with your hair?

Zippity do dah, I'm done!


Laura said...

I liked this one, you are so Clever!! Madison.....Homecoming? Ahhhhhhhh it's crazy to me. She is so young, sweet and innocent well she seems innocent anyway. I can not wait to see this dress, her date, and other pictures. so how did she get asked? how did she answer back. we need the details!!

mimima said...

Love the list, X made me giggle.

Jason said...

I'll have to check out Kira's blog now. I thought she was dead.

jami said...

so clever little lady!

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