Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family Fun Night

Our church we have Family Home Evening every Monday night.  It is a time to spend as a family to learn about values and church messages.  It sounds wonderful, right?  It really is.  But I'm terrible at it!

Growing up my parents tried to have family home evening.  As children, we made it very difficult for them.  Considering their were 5 of us with the ages spaced 15 years apart fro the oldest to the smallest.  It's hard to entertain snarly teenagers, bored kids, and a crying baby.  My brother remembers family home evening as the only time a family fight started and ended with prayer.

As a young mother I wanted to have family home evening be a place of smiles and inspiration.  But as I said before, I'm terrible at it!  And guess what?  I have children with the ages ranging from 14 years to 1 year old.  I have a snarly teenager, bored kids, and a crying baby!  Can't you just hear my mom saying, "Someday I hope you have children just like I did!"

So, I've decided to let the guilt go.  I'm not going to force it.  From now on we will have Family Fun Night!  It's the togetherness we need, that our church encourages, and we will be one of the families that plays together stays together!

Last night we had ice cream night.  We made "Kick The Can Ice Cream."  It worked and it was yummy.  Yes, the teenager and kids still fought, but we had fun!




Laura said...

Please tell me Madison ate that whole can of ice cream to herself. Goodnight that girl is tall and lean. I am jealous!!

Jason said...

Good for you guys!

Grandma J said...

That looks like fun. It's so hot here in CA that it would be Kick the Milkshake Can.

Kira said...

I love the relaxing family nights. If I'm honest, I don't really remember any of the lessons that we had on Mondays (sorry mom), but I do remember activities, games, and treats...and of course making the treat an activity like you did is always the best.

JLO said...

See, you are creative! Family Fun Night sounds like a good idea to me.

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