Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cameron's Birthday

Cameron's birthday is on Thursday.  He will be 10 years old!  Amazing he will now be in the double digits! 

Cameron wanted a Star Wars birthday party.  I went to 3 different stores looking for Star Wars invitations.  I was surprised to find there are none to be found.  Star Wars is not a popular theme right, but if you want a High School Musical party, you are in luck!

So, what's a mommy to do?  I got the boys to dress in one of their many costumes and snapped a few pictures.  Madison helped me put these invitations together, and I'm quite pleased with them!

Download camerons_birthday_invitation.2.docx




Jason said...

Cute! You are so resourceful.

Heidi Shelton said...

I love Cameron's face! Ethan is probably just as serious, but you just can't tell. I couldn't download the invite, so save one for me to see when we come up next. :)

Laura said...

I can't download it, but i love love love the costumes! good thinking on your part.

Kira said...

What a freaking cutie!
Man...This is the first blog I have looked at in over a week! I am so out of it!!

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