Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sailing With Popeye

We decided we wanted to go on a Dolphin tour on our vacation.  I wasn't thrilled about forking over the money, but it was so worth it!  I love it when we can give our kids experiences instead of things.

I wish I'd taken pictures of our captain.  He was a very interesting charachter.  He reminded me of Popeye without the spinach.  Later on during our 2 hour tour he told us about the day he came face to face with a shark.  It wasn't the shark's fault really.  He was just trying to get a  little snack when he was lurched up onto a boat.  The shark didn't like the lack of air so he attacked Popeye.  Mr. Shark took a bite out of Popeye's thigh and shoulder. Mr. Shark thought Popeye was so delicious that he ate one of his index fingers.  But the worst part was that he shattered Popeye's left eyeball.  Popeye then proudly said, "But I won because I ate the shark!"

Jason used to watch Robin Williams in Popeye over and over again.  He almost wore out the rented VCR and video watching Robin sing and dance.  Perhaps Robin was Jason's first man crush.  Now that's a little unknown fact for the Jason fans out there!  (you can thank me later Jason)  In fact I have fond memories of Jason dancing and singing Shelly Duvall's performance as Olive Oil in the song "He needs Me."    Good memories!

Anyway, I was on a boat with my family and Popeye.  I love the wind blowing through the boy's hair!

Port Aransas 061

Port Aransas 054

Cameron really wanted me to take pictures of the Dolphins.  I tried, really I did, but it's a little hard with a rocking boat and Dolphins that glide soundlessly to the surface.

Port Aransas 073

We passed the most amazing lighthouse named the Lydia Ann Lighthouse.  I have always been fascinated with lighthouses.  I'm not sure why.  Because this is the only actual lighthouse I've ever seen in person.  HEB owns this lighthouse and they don't give tours.  Bummer!  Notice my Walmart bikini.

Port Aransas 085

And that is the conclusion of our tour. 


Jason said...

1-Robin Williams was never a crush of mine. He's so not my type.
2-I will admit that I was obsessed with Shelly Duvall, though. Along with "He Needs Me" the song, "He's Large" is sheer brilliance. And yes, I did reenact the He Needs Me scene over and over. But in a joking way. I had forgotten all about the Popeye movie, and gosh darnit, it is so well done!
3-You SO were not wearing a bikini. You would never wear a bikini.
4-Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
5-What a fun vacation!

Jlo said...

Jason totally loves Robin Williams...as Popeye. he's told me that a million times!!
Looks like a great trip!

kira said...

I never knew there was a live action Popeye movie.

Jenalyn said...

Looks like a great vacation! You are a fun mom! About Jason and Popeye, did the rented moving and VCR come from Adventure Land Video? - Jenalyn

Kimberly said...

I love your dolphin picture. What a nice trip!

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