Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meet My New Best Friend

It's not an Ipod, but I'm okay with that.  I'm not comfortable wearing flashy things anyway.  I'm loving it!  So, I have one free month of Rhapsody and I'm taking full advantage of it.  Because once I have to pay for it, Rhapsody will be a goner! 

My favorite feature of the gogear is that I can wear it and I can't hear my children.  But, unfortunately, because of mama guilt I am always afraid that someone will fall down the stairs, play in the toilet, or use the shower curtain rod as a light saber and I wouldn't hear it.  After all, it's my job as a mother to save my children from their own negligence. I am a walking fool with the gogear.  I put Devin in the jogger stroller and we are off!  I love it.  Despite the 93% humidity. 

I haven't been blogging because my children started school on Monday.  It takes all my energy!  First, I have to be up at 5:30 am to get Madison to her seminary class at 6:00 am.  This class will be a challenge for our familial relationships because Maddie and I are tired!

Anyway, school began.  It appears that when something new comes into my schedule it takes me weeks to recover.  And that is why blogging has been so hard for me. 



Kira said...

Early morning...Yikes! What a nightmare...apparently it will be good for the girl though. I can't attest to that though, I never had to work to go to seminary.
As for the new toy...nice choice! Have fun with it...and I'll send you a list of songs I want you to download for me OK?

Eden said...

I don't envy you. Kaylyn started Kindergarten on Monday. And I'm already thinking about how we're going to get her to early morning seminary a "few" years from now. And I realized the other day, during a talk in Sacrament Meeting about Seminary, that we will have 8 solid years of Seminary since Kaylyn and Morgan (18 months) are 4 years apart. So no having big sister drive little sister.

Jason said...

Any time you have to get up before 6:00 am is downright unnatural. I'm sorry.

jami said...

still laughing...shower rod as a light saber?

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