Friday, August 8, 2008


I started a new blog for all people that never want to buy things full price like myself.  It's Centsational!

In one of the posts I wrote about how you can get a $16 worth of groceries free after buying some Kool-Aid packets.  The funny thing is that I hate Kool-Aid!  I blame it on my parents.  We had Kool-Aid every single day of my childhood.  Do you want some orange juice with your breakfast?  Here, have some orange Kool-Aid.  Would you like some grape juice, here's some purple Kool-Aid. 

We never had soda growing up.  Never.  I remember going to visit my Dad at work and he was drinking Crush orange soda from a glass bottle.  They even had a vending machine at his work.  I was shocked that the man was holding out on me!

As a result all 6 of us siblings have quite the soda habit.  Even vegetarian Daniel.  But, you will not find any Kool-Aid at my brother's and my houses.  Until yesterday.   I bought the evil sugar water so I could get free stuff.  As Jason says, "Free is for me!" 

As for my own children?  They really could care less for soda.  But they felt like they won the lottery when I plopped 30 packets of Kool-Aid on my counter.  See?  Ethan wanted his picture taken with the Kool-Aid.


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