Friday, August 8, 2008

The Big Tree

Port Aransas 094 Does anyone know why they call it The Big Tree? hmmm......I wonder.

We had an afternoon to kill while on our trip, so I turned to the ever faithful google.  There is a tree that is over 1,000 years old.  Little Indian boys used to play in its branches, and civil war soldiers camped under it.  The Big Tree even made an appearance on "Ripley's Believe It Or Not."  And then our family came to call.  See the fence surrounding the tree?  They didn't put it up until we came because they knew The Big Tree could survive countless hurricanes (the ocean is only several hundred feet away) but it couldn't survive our family if we came to play!

So, we couldn't play The Big Tree, but we played on his son, Big Tree Junior, who is probably a young thing of about 900 years old.

Port Aransas 100

Port Aransas 110

Port Aransas 121

Port Aransas 129

Port Aransas 135

Port Aransas 137

Port Aransas 127

Port Aransas 128

That's a lot of pictures! Typepad won't let me turn off the underline.  I guess it wants me to stress everything I'm saying.  Because we know how everyone just wants to listen to me talk all day long. Just ask my children.  They listen to me so closely that sometimes they are so overwhelmed by the beauty of my voice that they can't respond by doing what I asked them to do. 

Anyway, these trees were so amazing!  Beautiful, huge, perfect climbing, and perfect picture taking.  We probably spent an hour there.  Other families came, snapped a picture, and left.  We were still there!  If you ask my kids what their favorite part of the trip was and they'll tell you it was dolphin watching and The Big Tree.

This underlining thing is so annoying!


kira said...

How cute! I love these vaca pics!

Janice said...

JR. isn't too shabby either! I love those pictures. Your husband has gorgeous hair!
Now I have to go check out the deal on kool aid

Jason said...

Your husband has gorgeous hair?

jami said...

what awesome pictures! Where exactly is the big tree?

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