Saturday, July 12, 2008


Imagine my boy's delight when we found the swimming pool I thought we had thrown away when we moved 1 1/2 years ago! 
Imagine my delight when my boys spent over 3 hours happily playing without one utter of boredom!

Letterboxing 002

Letterboxing 003

Please take a moment and soak in this cuteness.
Got it?
You need a minute more?
Darling, huh?

Letterboxing 009

Showing off their brawny muscles!

Letterboxing 010

Devin couldn't be outdone by his older brothers.  So, he took out his guns!

Letterboxing 012

Oh, how I wish there was sound to go with this photo.  This is Devin screaming.  And the boy has lungs.  Seriously!  If I'm standing too close when he screams my brain spins around in my head.  Seriously!

1 comment:

kira said...

These are hands down my favorite pictures of your boys!

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