Tuesday, July 8, 2008


032I discovered Letterboxing a few weeks ago.  Basically you follow clues to a box that holds a stamp.  You stamp your book and record that you've been there.  Think of it as a passport of sorts.  So, today we finally had the chance to do it.  Some of us were excited and someone, who shall remain nameless, was not thrilled to go. 
Hint:  This is the less than thrilled teenager----------------------------------------------------------->

There is a park that we frequent that has the 2nd most boxes in the state of Texas.  So, this is where we headed.  The first box was difficult just because it was a long hike for an 18 month old.  So, I was very hot from carrying him by the time we found it.  But I was relieved it was there because it would have been hard to keep moral up if we didn't find the letterbox.

Letterboxing 014 The second and third boxes were easier because the hike wasn't as far and the boxes were close together.  See, how happy they are?  Devin is holding the camoflauged box and Ethan is holding the book.  Madison's friend came with us in order to get teenager to go with us.  See, how sweaty we are?  Have I ever mentioned that Texas is very humid?  Really?  I've already told you a few million times?  Well, that's because it is humid!!!

After we found our last clue we found something else that Texas has besides humidity.  Laura, we found a spider!  We talked about wrapping it up and mailing it to Laura, but instead we took pictures of it.

Isn't she pretty?  If you look closely you can see she has a little boyfriend above her.Letterboxing 015

It's hard to tell how big the spider is so I volunteered teenager to use her head for size comparison.  Next time she'll be happy when her mom wants to go Letterboxing!
Letterboxing 016

Ethan was a little worried about getting close to our friend.  But he was brave and he did it!  The picture isn't very good of Ethan, but don't our little friends look great?
Letterboxing 020

Cameron wanted a picture too.
Letterboxing 017

And then Cameron decided to taste our spidery friend.
Letterboxing 021

Letterboxing:  It's not for the weak!


Karie said...

I had to show my spider fearing child the pictures. Wish you could have been here for the gasps of fear that came from her. Beautiful pictures!

Katrina said...

Thanks for the introduction to Letterboxing! It intrigued me and I looked it up, and My husband and I went on our first trek today! It is fun!

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