Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's a Bad Mom Day

Today I'm having a bad mommy day.  You know those.  The kind where you don't have patience, you're sick of the messes, you're 18 month old keeps emptying the silverware drawer, and you need a hair cut and your roots done.  Yeah, that's me.  And if you're a mom and you are saying, "I've never had a day like that.  I'm always happy and patient and wearing pearls."  You are a freaking liar!!!

So, in order to make myself feel better I decided to do a little shoe shopping.  Here's the criteria for my new shoes:

1.  The expense does not matter.  I'm worth it!
2.  They must be shoes that would make the church ladies gasp.  (stripper shoes)
3.  The higher the heal the better.  It doesn't matter that I won't be able to chase children because if I can afford these shoes, I can afford a nanny.

Okay, let's go shopping!


Ah, red.  I'm feeling better already.  The heel is high and yet the buckles make it a little bit sensible.  I'm not in the mood to make sense!

Calvin klein

I like these.  And yet, I don't know why.  I like the straps.  The heel is a bit chunky.  And the toe is a little square.  I know why I like them.  I wouldn't normally wear Calvin Klein!  But on this shoe shopping trip I can afford anything!

Chineese laundry

I would so totally wear these!   I think they're fun.  They are made by Chineese laundry.  I've never heard of that brand.  It's kind of like I'd be in on the ancient chineese secret if I wore these.


I love these!  So not typical of me.  I have a cute skirt to wear with these.  After I'm back to my pre-birth weight anyway.

Michael kors

mmmmm, I like these.  Notice they're Michael Kors who's on my favorite reality show which starts tonight!


Love these!  Notice the stripper heels?  I don't wish to be a stripper.  But it would give the church ladies something to talk about.

Oh deer

Look, sequins.  I never wear sequins.  And they're red again.  I must be in a naughty mood.  It's time for mommy to be naughty for a change!

Jessica simpson

And one can never go wrong with an animal print!  Okay, yes you can.  But this is about me getting away with anything I want!


Look how pretty these are?  They're innocent yet fun!  Kira would so totally wear these!  Right, Kira?

Thank you for letting me indulge my Carrie Bradshaw side of my personality.  It was fun.  Now back to reality with my naked, screaming baby with the chocolate chip cookie. 


Karen said...

Hey, what size shoe do you wear? Maybe we could all pool our money together and share a pair of those. I love the Michael Kors! I'm too much of a klutz to wear high heels that aren't a wedge.
Thanks for the shopping trip I feel better now too!

Jason said...

I love that rebellious side of you that comes out every once in a while:
"They must be shoes that would make the church ladies gasp."

Jenn said...

I would wear that last pair and the brown pair. I would even wear them to church.... lol. But for pure stripper appeal, you would have to go with the black ones with the clear heels. Even I wouldn't wear those to church, but it is entirely likely that I would wear them to another church to make their ladies

kira said...

Before I even saw that you mentioned my wearing those shoes, I saw them, and thought, "The last are my total fave...hands down."
I really enjoyed going shoe shopping with you. Thanks.

Kimberly said...

I think you should buy all of them. Ten pairs are better than one.

maddie said...

good grief mom,
the black ones with the clear heel are cute!!
let the church ladies gossip
they'r just jelous because they dont have adorable 'stripper' shoes

jill said...

You just made me crave going shoe shopping, You gotta love shinny red shoes!!!

jami said...

I will be checking out your shoes at church from now on Katrine...make me gasp baby! At least give me something to talk about! ;)

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