Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm horrible at birthdays.  I forget them all the time.  And if I do remember to buy a gift or a card I usually don't get around to mailing them until the birthday is long gone.  Me, procrastination, and birthdays don't mix.

My latest victim is my sister-in-law Heidi.  I feel especially horrible about missing her birthday because she now lives near by.  Please forgive me Heidi!  I love you!

Here are 10 things I love about Heidi.  (Yes, I'm trying to brown nose her!)

 1.  Heidi married my brother!  She is the perfect wife for my brother.
2.  The girl is a brain.  Heidi is a smart one.
3.  She watches Project Runway with me.  The new season starts next week and Heidi thinks she can't afford the time because she's busy studying to be a Dr.  Those cadavers can wait, but Tim Gunn can't!
4.  I thought I was an animal lover.  But Heidi is the real animal lover!
5.  Heidi is a very loving Aunt.  She spends a lot of time loving them and teaching them new things.  My kids love Aunt Heidi!
6.  I am inspired by the way Heidi takes care of her body.  I won't be coming a Vegan, but I find myself thinking about food in a different way.
7.  Heidi is a strong woman.  She has overcome a lot.
8.  Heidi taught herself to play the guitar.  I betcha didn't know she played the guitar!
9.  She has strong values and she never backs down!
10. Heidi remembers the lyrics to every song!  Next time you see her ask her to rap a little Vanilla Ice!


Grandma J said...

Happy Birthday Hiedi! What a nice tribute to a good sister-in-law from one.
I read Heidi's page and I will add her to my prayers for continued remission and cure from her Ewings Sarcoma.
My grandson is a leukemia survivor or 19 months. he went through 3 1/2 yrs of treatment..we feel so blessed.
So I'm sure Heidi's birthday has more meaning than most people can appreciate.

heart shaped hedges said...

Go Heidi!!
I wanted to leave a message on her website, but couldnt find a comment, Ill just borrow your comment section Katrine :)
What a wonderful surprise to see a shimmering gold ribbon on Heidi's website (not that it is wonderful that she had childhood cancer, but wonderful that she is raising awareness.)
As my mom (Grandma J) posted above, my son had an aggressive leukemia which he battled for over 3 years....and we are very involved in pediatric cancer organizations....Ewings is typically diagnosed in teens, and we have many friends (On earth and in Heaven) who were diagnosed with Ewings.
We are thrilled that Heidi is doing well, and it sure makes birthdays so special....each one is a gift, each year that God allows, are a reminder that He heard our prayers and has brought healing. Praise God for Heidi's continued remission...we will add her to our prayers.
Live it up Heidi! Enjoy your special day...enjoy this new year that has been given to you!!

Jason said...

Love that HEIDI! And love that Grandma J and her daughter, Kim, too!

kira said...

I remember that Heidi and Ozzy have the same birthday...Hope she had a great one.

Grandma J said...

Every time Jason says he loves me, my heart goes pitter Does that happen to everyone? I wonder!

Grandma J said...

Every time Jason says he loves me, my heart goes pitter Does that happen to everyone? I wonder!

Heidi Shelton said...

Well, it is 17 days late, but oh well I guess I'll forgive you-this time.

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