Monday, July 21, 2008

Chili Cookoff

I was excited for the chili cook off.  Sure, it was only at my church, but I don't get out much!  I had delusions of winning.  I dreamed of praise and grandeur because I have to take it when I can get it!  So, I planned, prepared, and cooked.

  • bought a new crockpot because I wanted a bigger one anyway, and this was the perfect excuse

  • found the perfect recipe

  • bought the ingredients the night before so everything would be fresh

  • used fresh herbs that I grew myself

  • simmered chili for 8 hours

My brother Daniel decided to come so he brought his vegetarian chili for the cook off.  He didn't want to enter but I felt I could "take him on" so I entered his chili.  We had a great time trying all the different chilli's. 

John wasn't feeling good but I asked him to stay so I could get my first place ribbon!  But there were no ribbons!  In fact there were no real winners.  Everyone won a certificate for entering chilli.  In the end I won a yellow certificate for "hibilly chilli."  That's right!  Hibilly chilli.  I do believe it was supposed to be hillbilly chilli.  I guess my chili didn't taste like fresh ingredients with home grown herbs.  Rather, it tasted like old ingredients I scrounged together and mixed with the beans from a tin can. 

And Daniel, he was awarded the "heartiest chili."  The man didn't put any meat in his and yet he won an award for a robust meal.  It was very good, Daniel.

Oh well, we had a good time with friends!

Edited to add:  This was written in fun.  I was happy to go, happy to make chili, and I'd do it again!


Jenn said... sounds to me like the judging was biased. Who ever heard of a hillbilly using a crockpot? The ones I know use cast-iron dutch ovens!

Grandma J said...

That doesn't sound like a Chili Cookoff, but more like a Chili Potluck. Next year you have to take the bull by the horns and tell the powers that be at your church (unless its God himself), that there have to be winners.
I'm sure Daniels chili was wonderful, but for me, it has to have meat!
We they have a chili cook off at were i used to work every year. The one gal that wins something every year (and they are cash prizes) uses an array of canned chili and tosses in some other secret ingredients.

Jason said...

What? No ribbons? No prizes?
I'd love to get your recipe as well as Daniel's. I love cooking chili. And I love eating it.

Kira said...

Lame...contest are only fun if there are losers. The only reason I enter contests is to count how many people I am better than.

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