Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bob, I'm Feeling Rebelious!

I need a hair cut.  I really, really, need a hair cut.  Like weeks ago. Tomorrow is the day to make myself sassy and pretty with a new cut.  Not only do I not have the time to spend on my hair everyday, I don't want to.  If I must spend more than 8 minutes on my hair, it ain't happening.  And that includes the time it takes to dry it.  I have thick hair and I live in a high humidity climate so it takes forever to dry my hair.

Because of all those factors, I am going for the bob cut.  I've had many bobs in my life (the bob cut, not the hairy bobs).  I have wasted spent my time well browsing google for the perfect cut.  Remember, I want sassy.  This mama of 4 wants to work it!  Here is what I am looking for:


Please let me know if you like or dislike this bob.  Because I really don't want to end up with the wrong kind of hairy bob. 

In my quest for the perfect hair I came across a poem about the bob.  I guess a woman getting her hair cut into a bob is a sin and an act against God.  And that, my friends, is another reason to get my hair cut!


Why do you bob your hair, girls?
You're doing mighty wrong;
God gave it for a glory
And you should wear it long .
You spoil your lovely hair, girls,
You keep yourself in style;
Before you bob your hair, girls,
Just stop and think a while.

Why do you bob your hair, girls?
It is an awful shame
To rob the head God gave you
And bear the flapper's name.
You're taking off your covering,
It is an awful sin;
Don't never bob your hair, girls,
Short hair belongs to men.

Why do you bob your hair, girls?
It does not look so nice;
It's just to be in fashion,
lt's not the Lord's advice.
And every time you bob it
You're breaking God's command
You cannot bob your hair, girls
And reach the Glory land.

Why do you bob your hair, girls?
It's not the thing to do;
Just wear it, always wear it,
And to your Lord be true.
And when before the judgment
You meet your Lord up there,
He'll say, "Well done, for one thing,
You never bobbed your hair.

From Ozark Folksongs, Randolph.
Collected from Laura Wasson, Ark., 1942
Note: Written by Blind Alfred Reed and recorded by him in 1927.


Laura said...

I think it's cute,and it will look great on you.

Jason said...

I really like, too. I think you'll look cute and super-sassy.
This little song actually came from one of the old Mormon hymn books from the early 1900's. FYI.

maddie said...

this is crazy
super sassy
i love it,
honestly i think it'll look great on you
it's a rebelious intresting attractive hair cut
i like it

Kira said...

I love the cut! It's really cute.
I couldn't figure out if the poem/song was a joke or not until I looked at the really was serious. I love that the girls are choosing between the flappers and God. Nice touch.

Claire said...

I grew up wearing a bob but it wasn't this cute! I think this would look fantastic on you Katrine. Put that with the red shoes! John will not be going to work on Monday!!!!

Jason said...

By the way, that link to the wrong kind of hairy Bob even made me say, "EW!"

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