Monday, June 23, 2008

Ray's Next Birthday Gift

My brother loves guitar hero.  He thinks he's a rock star.  So, I thought this would make a great gift for the boy.  But sssshhhhh, don't tell him.  He can't open it until November!



kira said...

Oh my gosh...I would totally want that. Paul and I like to discuss the accordion when we walk by homeless people and talk about how cool the instrument would be in a real band, it would replace the guitar for the lady killer for sure.

Laura said...

Yeah freaking Kira beat me to the punch again, and it's a post even for my husband. But I am so with her. I don't get into the guitar hero as much as he does, but i think this new idea would FREAKING ROCK!!! i will be waiting by the mailbox. and Yes he does think he is amighty Rockstar for sure.

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