Monday, June 30, 2008

My Date With Randy Travis

The week I graduated from High school I packed up my little Hyundai Excel and moved 2 hours away to Logan, Utah.  It was a big move to a little city.  I loved it there!  If my man could get a job there I would so pack up and move. (shut up Jason)  But unfortunately they don't have big electrical engineering jobs in little towns.  My brother Jason was a big time PIC (person in charge) at Fred Meyer so he got me a job as a cashier.

Randy While training I met a fellow employee who was also new.  He looked like a mixture of Randy Travis and Doogie Howser.  So, I'll call him Doody.Doogie  Apparantly Doody took a liking to me.  Perhaps it was my 90 pound curvacious body, or the way I stroked the keys on the register.  But he wanted me.  The first time I clued into the fact that he liked me, and my spiral perm was when he trapped me in my register booth by standing behind me really close.  Really, really close.

One dull evening I got a call from Doody.  This was before caller ID, mind you.  Doody wanted me.  He let me know this by asking if I would like to go out for snow cones.  If you live in a small Mormon valley this is what you do when you are living it up.  You go to the Albertson's parking lot and purchase snow cones.  What can I say, I'm a cheap date.  I agreed to go because he was a nice enough guy and I was lonely.

Logan After we got our snow cones we drove up to the cemetery.  Is this a weird date or what?  Snow cones and the cemetery.  The cemetery in Logan is very unique.  It is very old and very beautiful.  They built Utah State University around this graveyard.  So it isn't uncommon for people to walk through it because it is so pretty and in the middle of the university.  We began walking just as the sun was setting causing lots of shadows and cool breezes.  As we were strolling around that center road I noticed that Doody was getting very nervous.  I asked him if he was okay and he admited that he was terrified of cemeteries.  Okay then.  Why did you bring me here?!  At first I was annoyed and turned off that my date was afraid of the zombies.  Come on, be a man!  And then I decided it was my duty as a good date to suddenly grab him and scream, "What was that!"  And "There's someone hiding behind that headstone!"  And asking, "Have you ever seen the movie Carrie?"  Doody was not amused.  Doody screams like a girl. 

We eventually made it through the haunted place where dead people lie.  As you come out of the beautiful trees you come behind a row of buildings.  So, you are in an alley with the graveyard on one side and buildings on the other.  It was pretty dark and quiet by now and there wasn't a person in sight.  (not living anyway)  It was my turn to be frightend.  How well did I know Doody?  I'd never been anywhere with him other than work and he had a habbit of trapping me at my register.  Was Doody a serial rapist or killer?  Did I anger Doody enough with my scare tatics at the graveyard that he might want to squash my 90 pound body? 

Stay tuned for tomorrow to see if I live.

Sorry, I have to go feed Devin healthy things like marshmellows.


Jason said...

Doody was the best roommate I've ever had!

jami said...

I don't think I am going to be able to sleep tonight! Katrine, you crack me up!

kira said...

What the heck?!!! You kinda really have me freaked out here.

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