Monday, June 9, 2008

The Girl Is 14

Madison had her birthday on Saturday.  She is now 14.  It blows my mind.  When Madison turned 12 I began to feel a little desperate.  I feel time slipping away and I haven't prepared her for life and the choices she will face.  Time is passing too quickly! 

We decorated with a soccer theme.  I made a cake shaped like a soccer ball.  Madison thought I had bought it, so I guess that means I did a good job.  I must say it's a lot of work just to eat it!

Madison's birthday is the soccer camp she has been wanting to go to.  She will be gone for a week surrounded by people we've never met.  That's enough to make a mother's heart beat a little faster.  But I'm excited for her!

Here are 14 things about Madison

1.  She is a person that desires to do good.
2.  Maddie loves to sing.
3.  Madison introduces herself to people as Maddie.
4.  She loves My Space and You Tube.
5.  Madison inherited my crooked little fingers.
6.  Maddie has one brown eye and one blue eye.
7.  Madison doesn't like to cook.
8.  She painted her bedroom herself.
9.  She is very funny!
10.  Boys are no longer gross to her.
11.  Maddie wears make-up all hours of the day.
12.  Her favorite snack is Chex Mix
13.  She's a fabulous big sister.
14.  She can beat boys in soccer!


Karen said...

She is beautiful! Nice to see a 14 yr old who looks 14 and has a soccer cake. Happy Birthday to Maddie!

kira said...

Yippee! I hope she has an awesome time at soccer camp!

Jason said...

You did not just change your blog's appearance again!!!! I liked it the way it was!
Happy b-day Maddie. Please don't turn into a raging maniac this year.

Grandma J said...

Your daughter is beautiful. So is her cake you made! Wishing her a fun time at soccer camp and calm nerves for her mom until she gets back.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Maddie!!! you forget she loves to text!

maddie said...

texting's amazing
youtube's for music, because i'm in love
and you wont buy me an ipod

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