Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bee Grateful

For the past couple of weeks Cameron and Ethan have been wanting to see the Bee movie.  They have even been quoting the movie even without previously ever viewing the show!  Because John and I are far too lazy to actually go rent the movie, we have been watching to see if it came on pay-per-view.  Today is the day!  I ordered the movie and then went to announce their good fortune!
"What's the V movie?"
"No, the Bee movie.  Remember you wanted to see it?"
"I don't care anymore!"
"Yeah, Cameron slammed me against the wall!"
"Well, he talked to me!"

Talk about bursting the Mommy bubble.  I thought I had done a good thing!  Well, we will pass on the movie and have a lesson on Beeing grateful!


kira said...

Man. You are so behind the times.

Jason said...

"Well, he talked to me!"
Soooo funny.
The V movie.

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