Monday, June 16, 2008

15 Years

My sister-in-law Kira was part of a tag on her blog about what you have done for the last 15 years.  While reading it I was hoping that she wouldn't tag me.  My life is dull.  I am actually extremely busy raising human beings.  While it is the best job on the earth it doesn't exactly excite a lot of people.  Just ask my little brothers.  They find me quite boring.  But I will play tag!

Here are the rules.  This is the plan: Think back on the last 15 years of your life. What would you tell someone that you hadn't seen or talked to for 15 years? How would you sum up your life?

You get 10 bullet points. A list of 10 things to summarize you. At the end of your list, tag 5 more people and send on the love.

15 years ago takes us back to 1993.

  1. I lived in Logan, Utah pretending to be a college student.

  2. I was engaged to John who I met at Fred Meyer where we both worked.

  3. I got pregnant which disappointed and shocked all the Mormons.

  4. John and I were married in November on my brother Daniel's birthday.  We were later sealed in the temple.

  5. My mom found a lump in her breast.  After an examination by "mammograms on wheels" clinic she decided it was nothing.  It wasn't.

  6. Madison was born June of 1994.  She's amazing!  She's definately 1 of the 4 most wonderful things in our lives!

  7. John graduated in 1996 and we moved to the Lone Star state where we still are.

  8. My mom died from breast cancer on Christmas morning of 1996.  My life is changed forever.      (1996 was a rough year.  I moved across the country to somewhere I'd never been and I didn't know a soul.  I had been working full time and now I was a stay at home mommy in a dark, small apartment.  My mom was very sick when we moved.)

  9. John added 3 boy blessings to our girl blessing.

  10. It took me 12 years, but I finally got one of my brother's to move to Texas.  One down, four more to go!

And there's my life in 10 bullet points.  I will now tag Jason.  And You!!!!


Karen said...

I'm glad you played, because I was the one who tagged Kira. I think all of these 15 year memes are interesting. Although I like to go back and read old posts, I only have so much time. So I like learning a bit of back story.

Laura said...

UUMMMMMMMM Hell No to moving to Texas sorry. If your brother comes, he will come without a wife, or at least me as a wife. Sorry, You have better chances of coming to utah, we love you though

kira said...

Wow...I didn't know you had been in Texas for so long. For some reason, I thought you moved like 6yrs ago or something--not 12! Thanks for playing.

Jenalyn said...

Well, I don't think your boring, and I haven't seen you for probably 12 years, so I think this is great. I love your blog!

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