Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today Show Gone Wrong

I like a little Today show.  I like to have it on after my kids are off to school as I straighten the kitchen and eat my pathetic breakfast.  But recently they made the 9:00 hour the "Hoda and Kathie Lee think they're so cute" hour.  I've tried watching it several times and it makes my stomach regret my fried egg.

They begin sitting at the front desk with a little icon on the left side of the screen stating, "Today Talk" just to be sure that we know they are in fact, talking.  They then begin rambling nonsense about a news anchor who dropped the "F" bomb on live TV.  They found it hysterical.  And, yes I enjoy a mistake on live television, but Kathie Lee and Hoda don't know how to convince their audience that they are funny talking about something funny.  They had a clip of O'Reilly throwing a temper tantrum on TV, and then they showed Hoda and Kathie Lee having a good old belly laugh.  You can hear people off screen painfully trying to laugh.  Only you know they are only laughing because they are paid to keep the talent happy.  I'm squirming in my gym shorts with discomfort, I can't imagine what the camera crew is going through!  Kathie Lee kept referring how she learned everything from the master, Regis.  Poor Hoda, she is trying so hard, she's a professional journalist, daggumit! And yet her pretend best friend wishes she was Reg.

And then they totally mutilated the interview with Dooce.  I believe Hoda could have had a very intelligent, yet entertaining interview.  But Kathie Lee kept trying to carry on a conversation with Hoda because they are pretend best friends forever!  The best part was when Dooce was trying to explain blogging and how she found it therapeutic when Kathie Lee blurts out, "I'm just so afraid of computers!" as she waves her talons in the air.  It's interesting that Kathie Lee fears computers yet here is her own blog entry.  Me thinks the talent gets paid to blog for Kathie Lee.

Today, I'm painting.  Yeah!


Jason said...

I have heard so much about this particulary Today episode. She has outraged many, many "mommy bloggers."

Kudzu Fire said...

sounds nauseating

Kira said...

I remember being little, really little, and thinking Kathy Lee was totally incompetent and annoying. She still is. I hadn't seen this Today Show addition until recently and it totally made me gag too.
Why do they have to repeat what the other says? Why do they have to giggle? Why does Kathy Lee have to speak? Is this like a charity thing to give Kathy Lee a job? Wouldn't she be better somewhere that she can't talk to people? Doesn't she seem like a liability with some of the crap she blurts out?

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