Sunday, May 25, 2008

One Would Think I Forgot This Blog Of Mine

Have you ever been so busy you can't find a spare minute?  And yet in all that chaos you really don't have anything note worthy to blog about? 

Today I taught my Young Women's class about eternal families.  John was busy with his class so he was not able to take Devin for me.  So, he ran around during class and the girls found the 17 month old little blond boy is much more entertaining than myself!  So would I.

Karate tournament 005
Devin is a head butter.  If he gets upset with you, wants you to put him down, or if the sky is blue, Devin will head but you.  It is amazing the pain his cute little head can cause!  I've gotten quite good at blocking his head butts.  If I am holding him with his back to me, Devin will slam his head back with the hopes of making direct contact with your chest, cheek, or nose.  If I am quick enough I block his head with my hand. 

At the end of my lesson I said, "I love my husband and children."

BAM!  Head butt to my collar bone.  I used my hand to shield my body from his head of destruction.

"I couldn't imagine being without my daughter and sons."

BAM!  Head butt.

I find great comfort that our families will be together through eternity.

BAM!  Head butt that could have broken my nose.

The teenage girls couldn't stop laughing that I loved my pint sized abuser so much!


Laura said...

Reason #197 not to have kids. Head Butting!

Jason said...

So funny! And to think, you will be putting up with this kind of treatment for time and all eternity.
Do you think in heaven moms get head butted?

Kira said...

It sounds like you really reached those girls.

Kira said...

It sounds like you really reached those girls.

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