Friday, May 9, 2008

Math: What Is It Good For?

I think of all of us ask our teachers or parents why we need to know this math skill, science lesson, or English punctuation.  There is usually a generic answer of you need this in running a household, or it will help you when you are trying to get a job, or building a rocket to travel to the moon.  But I will never tell my parents that they need to know this. 


What is this good for?



Paul Shelton said...

I agree, it was quite frustrating doing the math I had to do, but if I could figure it out it was almost enjoyable. Happy Mother's Day Big Sister!

Kira said...

True. I have never once found any use or need for a matrixes in my adult life. Nor have I found myself in any immediate need to do long division where I couldn't find or wait for a calculator.

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