Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dinosaur Reading

010Ethan has become quite an accomplished reader.  It thrills me he loves to read!  I enjoy a good book, and I am sad that my older two children would rather not pick up a book.  But Ethan devours books.

Ethan also has an interest in dinosaurs.  We've been to several dinosaur museums, and even saw Dinosaurs Live.  In an attempt to satisfy his dinosaur appetite I checked out several books from the library.  He loved them!  But when Ethan realized that I only borrowed the books and didn't buy them he was devastated.  "Why can't you buy the books?  I want to keep them forever!"  He wailed over and over in the most pathetic kindergartner not getting his way voice.  There was no pleasing him until I told him of all the books on dinosaurs that were still at the library waiting for him.  I told him we could go get more dinosaur books on Saturday.

Saturday morning arrived with Ethan anxiously waiting for the trip to the library.  He was amazed at the rows of books on dinosaurs.  We brought home about 15 dinosaur books.  He's already read them and still wants more!  We may have to make Saturday our library day.

1 comment:

Kira said...

What a rocking kid! And what a good example you are to the whole family with reading!

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